Interview with US Marine Scientist, Dr Todd Capson 2014

On Wednesday 2 July 2014 the Institute hosted a meeting with Dr Todd Capson, a marine scientist working with the US-based Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. This discussion has now been published as a series of videos on our Youtube channel. During the meeting Dr Capson addressed the implications of ocean acidification for aquaculture industries in the US and in New Zealand, as well as the broader changes taking place in international oceans policy.

Dr Todd Capson was asked to introduce himself and to answer four questions. This was followed by an open discussion.

  1. What keeps him awake at night over ocean management?
  2. How he thinks ocean policy may play out over the next 20–30 years?
  3. How he thinks ocean management should play out over the next 20–30 years?
  4. What New Zealand/New Zealanders might do to contribute?

The video is featured below:

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